2D & 3D Character Art, 3D Print Design and Animation

Instagram to see my latest 3d Print work and see more of my portfolio on


I am an award winning 3d artist with 20 years experience in commercial character art and animation. I've been successfully creating 3d printable characters for over 2 years now- if you have a character you'd like to be made 3d printable, either from scratch, your own concept or an existing 3d model then please contact me at the above address.


1. These are some of the characters that I've already created for 3d print- follow the link to see more designs on Shapeways...



2. These are some cartoon character prototypes I designed, modelled and got walking in my spare time.


3. My entry for the 2013 E4 Estings competition


4. Animation tests I did for my Lab Rabbit character- I made the character and rig from scratch.


5. Animations I did for the game 'Heavenly Sword' I didn't make the models or rig them.


6. George Animated walk that I converted for 3d Printing to be used as a swappable character in my Modular Zoetrope Design (7)


7. My updated 3d printed Zoetrope Version 2 made using printed modular components with cardboard walls and my Bunny Character


Click on the images below for some more examples of my 2D and 3D character work...


Instagram to see my latest 3d Print work and see more of my portfolio on



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